ACT Government Unclaimed Trust Moneys

Unclaimed Trust Money held by ACT Government

Unclaimed trust money held by ACT Government is defined as 'trust' moneys under the Financial Management Act 1996. Examples include:

  • money deposited with the Territory pending the completion of a transaction or the determination of a dispute and that may become repayable;
  • money that is paid into a territory court for possible repayment to the payee or a third party because of any Act, order, instruction or authority;
  • money that belongs to or is owing to any person and is collected by the Territory because of an agreement between the Territory and that person;
  • money that is paid to the Territory in trust for any other lawful purpose.

Moneys that meet the definition of trust moneys are held in a directorate managed trust banking account and are required to be declared unclaimed if not less than 6-years has elapsed since the date the money became payable and during that period no-one entitled to the money has requested the money be returned to them.

These unclaimed trust moneys do not include:

For information on these types of unclaimed money, Search other websites.

Unclaimed TAB dividends in the ACT

The ACT Government does not receive any monies from unclaimed bets placed with Tabcorp (TAB) and is not involved in the payment of any betting refunds to TAB customers.

Any claims for unpaid monies on bets placed on the Canberra TAB must be made within twelve months of the event from a Tabcorp TAB outlet in the ACT.

According to the Tabcorp ACT Pty Ltd Totalisator Rules, Tabcorp may only pay dividends remaining unclaimed up to six months but no more than twelve months after the date of the event on which the bet is placed which is in keeping with Section 36 of the ACT Totalisator Act 2014.

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How to Claim

Make a claim by completing and lodging an Application for Unclaimed Money 248 KB Download Word 103 KB

Please use the checklist on the claim form to ensure accuracy and that you provide all required supporting documentation.

Contact Details

Inquiries and claims in relation to the ACT Government's unclaimed trust money's should be directed to:

Executive Branch Manager
Asset Liability Management
ACT Chief Minister,Treasury and Economic Development Directorate
Level 1, Canberra Nara Centre
1 Constitution Avenue
Telephone: +61 2 6207 0187

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Public Trustee for the Australian Capital Territory

The Public Trustee administers moneys that have been declared unclaimed under the Unclaimed Money Act 1950, the Agents Act 2003 and the Legal Profession Act 2006. There are different claim requirements under each of the acts.

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is responsible for handling all unclaimed moneys from authorised deposit taking institutions, life insurance companies and benefit fund friendly societies, institutions providing first home saver accounts, and companies with unclaimed money/property.

Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is responsible for unclaimed moneys in relation to superannuation.