To make a claim, please use the steps below that are relevant to you:

A. Applying for Early Payment for Medical Expenses

You may be eligible to make a claim for early benefits using the joint Motor Accident Notification Form / Motor Accident Medical Report (MANF/ MAMR). The MANF/MAMR allows you to apply for early benefits up to $5,000 for your treatment and medical expenses without lodging a full claim. These benefits are available for most people without having to prove someone else was at fault.

Step 1

Contact your CTP insurer as soon as possible, but within 30 working days of the date of the accident. Most injured persons will be eligible for the first $5,000 of their medical expenses. A copy of the joint MANF/MAMR form can be obtained from your CTP insurer, the Nominal Defendant, or visit the Legislation Register website:

The form provides more information to help you understand where to lodge your document including if you do not have an insurer, in the case that you are a pedestrian or cyclist.

Step 2

Complete and sign the MANF/MAMR form and either email, post or lodge it in person with your CTP insurer, the identified at-fault insurer, or the Nominal Defendant (in cases where the at-fault vehicle is unidentified or uninsured).

If you need help to fill in the form, your CTP insurer can assist you.

After you claim

  • The CTP insurer will look at the information you have provided in your MANF/MAMR and decide whether (or not) to accept your claim. They will provide details on how to submit receipts for your medical treatment(s).

B. Making a Claim for Personal Injuries

If your injuries are such that you expect your medical expenses will be more than $5,000 or your recovery will take longer than six months, you should complete a Notice of Claim (NOC) form.

The NOC is used to pursue compensation for loss of earning capacity; for medical, treatment and care expenses; and for pain and suffering as a result of injuries. These may include past or future losses/expenses.

Step 1

Obtain a copy of the NOC form from a CTP insurer, the Nominal Defendant or from the Legislation Register website:

Step 2

Complete and send the NOC form to the insurer, or if known, the insurer of the at-fault vehicle. If you did not previously lodge a joint MANF/MAMR, this form should also be completed and attached to the NOC form.

If the claim is to a CTP insurer (i.e. NRMA, GIO, AAMI or APIA), you have 9 months from the day of the motor vehicle accident or from the time your injury symptoms first appear.

If you engage a lawyer during this time, the lawyer has to submit the claim in 1 month.

If the claim is to the Nominal Defendant you have 3 months.

Please see Claims-General Information webpage for more information on when to apply.

After you claim

  • The CTP insurer will begin to evaluate your claim; investigate the crash; and make an assessment of liability. They may review the police report and reports from treating specialists and may ask you to see other medical specialists for assessment.
  • Within 1 month of receiving your claim, the insurer will advise you whether  they accept your claim or ask you for further information.
  • A claim may not be resolved quickly. After some time has passed and you have recovered from your injuries, or medical reports confirm the maximum degree of recovery has been reached, the insurer will contact you with a settlement offer. If you consider your claim has reached this stage, you should contact the insurer regarding settlement.

C. At-Fault Driver Cover Claim

A number of ACT CTP insurers may provide cover for you as an at-fault driver (with no additional premium payable).  Under this cover the insurer pays compensation to the driver who caused the motor vehicle accident in the event they suffered a major injury or were killed as a result of the accident.

You will need to visit each insurer's webpage or contact the insurers directly to obtain information on these products and how to make a claim against this cover.  Click here to access CTP insurers’ contact details.

Step 1

Obtain a copy of the relevant CTP insurer’s at-fault driver cover claims form (if this cover is provided) from your insurer and complete it.

Step 2

Lodge the completed form with your CTP insurer.

Please visit Claims-General Information webpage for additional information.