Participants living overseas

PART 11 – Participants living overseas

This part of the Lifetime Care and Support Guidelines is issued under section 93 of the Lifetime Care and Support (Catastrophic Injuries) Act 2014 (LTCS Act).

To avoid requirements that might be unreasonable in the circumstances on any participant, the LTCS Commissioner may waive observance of any part or parts of these LTCS Guidelines.


The LTCS Commissioner will reimburse the reasonable costs of care incurred by a participant who resides overseas who is a participant in the LTCS Scheme.

The reasonable maximum cost which can be reimbursed for overseas care will be determined by reference to the amount of care not exceeding that amount that the LTCS Commissioner has assessed as reasonable and necessary, and the cost of care the participant would have required had the care been provided in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

The LTCS Commissioner's approval confirms the total cost in Australian dollars that the LTCS Commissioner will provide to the participant, on either a half-yearly or yearly basis, for all care to be provided during this period.

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