Working with us

Working with us

The Lifetime Care and Support Scheme purpose is to support people who have suffered a catastrophic injury as a result of a motor accident in the ACT. We do this in partnership with service providers like you.

Service providers include:

Severe injuries include:

For more information on eligibility and applying to the Scheme see Eligibility and How to apply.

Becoming a service provider

There are some providers who need to be approved or appointed to provide services. We will advertise in our newsletter (E-News)External link when applications or tenders are available for these roles.

Providers other than those listed below do not need to be approved or appointed to work with participants in the Scheme.

Case managers

All case managers must be approved by us to deliver services to Scheme participants. For information on how to apply to be an approved case manager (LTCS), see Case managementExternal link.

Attendant care providers

We have a panel of attendant care providers who are approved to offer services to our participants for a contract term following an open tender process. See Attendant care providersExternal link for information on our panel.

Dispute assessors

Dispute assessors apply individually and are appointed (for a set time period). See Disputes about your needsExernal link for more information.

Building modifications

We also have a panel of occupational therapists and project managers who are appointed to carry out building modifications (eg at home, school or workplace) for our participants. They are appointed (for a set time period of time) following a competitive tender process.

See our providing servicesExternal link, sheet for more information on working with us.

Getting paid

We do not have set fees for most services. The exceptions are:

We will pay you within 30 days of receiving all required documentation. See InvoicingExternal link for more information on getting paid for services in the Scheme.

Who you can contact for information

Most participants will have a case manager. They are the main contact for other service providers and are responsible for organising and requesting most treatment, rehabilitation and care for participants. Contact the participant's LTCS coordinator to find out more about case managers.

Each participant also has a LTCS coordinator. Their job is to be the first point of contact at our agency. They can also provide you with information about the needs of the participant and the Scheme. They can be contacted on 1300 738 586.

For more information see our coordinators and case managersExternal link information sheet.

New to the scheme?

We run a number of workshops for providers who are new to the Scheme, and also for more experienced providers. See Training and workshopsExternal link section for more information.