Information for Service Providers

Information for Service Providers


If you are an LTCS service provider, or want to become one, it's important that you know how to work with us, what we pay for and how to receive payments from us.

Working with us

The Lifetime Care and Support Scheme purpose is to support people who have suffered a catastrophic injury as a result of a motor accident in the ACT. We do this in partnership with service providers like you.

Administration of the Scheme

The Lifetime Care and Support Commissioner of the ACT has entered into an arrangement with the NSW Lifetime Care and Support Authority (LTCSA) to manage the ongoing treatment and care support to the ACT Scheme participants as of 1 September 2015. The NSW Authority has expertise administering lifetime care and support schemes having operated a nearly identical scheme for a number of years

The NSW Authority will assist the Lifetime Care and Support Commissioner of the ACT with eligibility and managing the ongoing treatment and care support for participants in accordance with the ACT Lifetime Care and Support Guidelines.

Services we pay for

We pay for the treatment, rehabilitation and care needs of a participant when they are related to their motor accident injury.

For more information visit NSW LTCSA website

Request services for participants

Our participants have catastrophic injuries which often require treatment, rehabilitation and care from multiple service providers. These services are usually requested as part of a plan by the participant’s case manager.


Invoicing external lin us correctly means you will receive your payments sooner. We will pay you by electronic transfer.

Participant assessment tools

Assessment tools external lin are used in the Scheme (like FIM and WeeFIM) to help to monitor a participant’s progress and to determine eligibility for the Scheme.

Case management

Case managers external lin are the primary point of contact for service providers and are responsible for organising and requesting most treatment, rehabilitation and care for participants.

Attendant care providers

We pay for attendant care external lin to support our participants living at home and in their community.

Training and workshops

We run workshops throughout the year for service providers. This is a list of our upcoming workshops external lin

Scheme information sheets

Information sheets external lin on the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme, the services we provide, and how to work with us.