Investigation of the Energy Industry Levy

The ACT Government has completed its investigation of the ACT Energy Industry Levy (EIL). This levy is paid by energy operators to the ACT Government to cover regulatory costs associated with the energy industry sector.

The investigation examined the methodology used to distribute the total regulatory costs between operators, to ensure it promotes an equitable distribution and supports a competitive energy market in the ACT.

As part of the investigation a Discussion Paper was available for comment from 18 December 2015 to 5 February 2016. It provides background information to the investigation, the Terms of Reference, the key issues for consideration and poses a number of questions to assist those considering making a submission to the investigation.

The final report and technical report for the investigation are now available. The reports summarise the issues found in the investigation, responses to the investigation Terms of Reference, and provide recommendations.

Key Documents


Please note: As part of the Energy Industry Levy Investigation, the Government received Submissions in PDF formats, which may not be fully accessible as they were provided by external sources. If there are any accessibility issues, please contact the Investigation Officer, Ms Nicole Wong.

More information

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Investigation Officer: Nicole Wong (02) 6207 0275