Risk Management

Australian Capital Territory Insurance Authority (ACTIA)

The ACTIA risk management content has now moved to a new intranet site within CMTEDD. This site can only be accessed by ACT Government employees.

The ACT Government is committed to robust risk management practices, recognising that risk management is an integral part of good management.

The ACT Insurance Authority (‘ACTIA’) has been tasked under the Insurance Authority Act 2005 with promoting good risk management practices and giving advice to the Minister about the management of Territory risks.

ACTIA promotes the adoption of good risk management practices across all Territory entities and organisations. Risk management initiatives promoted by ACTIA include but are not limited to:

For any external enquiries, please feel free to contact the ACTIA risk management team by emailing the ACTIA Insurance & Risk Management inbox at ACTIAInsuranceAndRiskManagement@act.gov.au.

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