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Insurance Coverage

The ACT Insurance Authority provides cover to all member agencies and directorates for all normally insurable risks with the exception of worker's compensation, which is covered through Comcare.

Covers provided by the Authority include:

Details of the extent of these covers as they apply to each agency can be obtained by contacting the Authority's Insurance and Risk Manager.

The ACT Insurance Authority examines the type and levels of risks faced by the Government agencies for which it provides cover, and sets the annual premiums to ensure that the costs of claims and losses incurred each year and the funds necessary to maintain adequate reserves are fully covered by the premiums.

While the Authority meets most claims from these premiums, part is set aside to purchase re-insurance to protect the fund against large claims and losses, or a series of such events, which could threaten the Authority's ongoing viability.

Certificates of Currency

A Certificate of Currency is a document proving you have insurance cover for a particular project or asset. A Certificate of Currency is sometimes required by a third party when entering into a joint agreement for a project.

ACTIA is happy to discuss the requirements for certificates of currency with agencies and can provided certificates within 24 hours of request.

To obtain a Certificate of Currency, simply email the ACTIA Insurance and Risk Team with the nature of the activities and the dates to be covered.

Contact the Insurance and Risk Team at ACTIA if you would like further information.

Asset Values

ACTIA currently insures over $23 billion of physical assets which are declared to reinsurers at renewal each year.

Agencies are required to fully declare their assets for the current insurance replacement values.

A qualified valuer will generally need to provide accurate insurance replacement values for assets. A qualified valuer would not make "common errors" in declaring values including:

In estimating replacement values allowances are often overlooked for:

Remember that the sum insured should equal the full replacement costs of your property – this is not the price your property may fetch if sold. Replacement costs include not only the materials and reconstruction, but also the initial site clearance and any finishing touches and related costs.

Where a property is underinsured, a valid claim will not be met in full.

Example Insurance Replacement Calculation (PDF 37KB)

Overseas Travel Insurance

ACTIA provides travel insurance coverage for ACT Government personnel travelling overseas on official agency business. The cover includes Injury and Sickness as well as incidental costs such as medical, personal liability and lost baggage.

You can obtain confirmation of this insurance cover by completing one of these documents;

Email (preferred) the completed form the ACTIA at, or fax the completed form to ACTIA at 620 70301.

Please complete this form at least 3 weeks before your travel. As an ACT Government employee you must provide ALL travel information to ACTIA or you may not be insured.

For more information regarding this travel insurance please contact the Insurance and Risk Manager at ACTIA.

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