Australian Capital Territory Insurance Authority (ACTIA)

Claims Management

ACTIA Claims Management Team

The ACTIA Claims Management Team (CMT) is the resource the ACT Government has positioned to assist agencies manage losses or potential losses. The ACTIA CMT has technical expertise and experienced staff to support agencies defend potential liabilities or to reinstate losses.

While agencies manage minor losses within customer service or maintenance structures and budgets; ACTIA is available to supply the insurance coverage and claims management support to address the more substantial matters of cost or liability.

In the more catastrophic events (e.g. 2003 bushfire claim) the CMT will manage the International Reinsurance interactions on behalf of agencies.

CMT contact details are on the Contacts page.

Managing claims

Partnership in a well managed claim

Effective claims management is dependent on a commitment to partnership between agencies and ACTIA. The cornerstone of that partnership is the early notification of incidents.

In Partnership with the ACTIA:

ACTIA will meet all costs of appointments.

Acting independently or without consulting with ACTIA

This action may well force ACTIA to deem that you have taken conduct of the claim. In which case, ACTIA may exercise its right to reject both current and future costs and liabilities that have been incurred.


When in doubt talk to a member of the CMT. CMT contact details are on the Contacts page.

What to notify

All incidents with a component of:

But! If in doubt or you have “that uneasy feeling”! Notify!

What happens if I fail to notify?

ACTIA has a contractual requirement to notify all possible insurance incidents within a set period of time from the date of incident.

Failure to notify will mean the incident will not be covered by insurance. Your agency will then have to cover all costs for the incident.


ACTIA's Claims Management System produces a variety of reports detailing claims experience for agencies. These reports can be useful for managing risk and identifying trends in an agency.

To request a claim report, please contact the ACTIA Claims Manager.

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