Unsolicited Proposals

The ACT Government is committed to improving the facilitation of infrastructure development, service delivery and private sector investment within the Territory. By introducing this policy on Unsolicited Proposals, the Government has created a clear pathway for prospective bidders to submit innovative and unique ideas that align with its strategic objectives and to have them considered within a fair and transparent framework.

It is important that genuine Unsolicited Proposals, which normal procurement processes cannot manage, have a process under which the Government can consider them in a manner that is both efficient and effective for prospective bidders and Government.

This document’s main objective is to provide consistency and clarity to any parties involved in an Unsolicited Proposal submission, both private and public sectors alike. It describes how the Government evaluates submissions and, if appropriate, determines the process for reaching contractual agreement on their implementation in order to meet the Government’s principles of acting in the public interest, delivering value for money, and achieving appropriate delivery.

This Third Edition of these Guidelines:

Third Edition: updated March 2018:

The initial submission for an unsolicited proposal should be sent to unsolicitedproposal@act.gov.au.

Proposals Submitted

Unsolicited Proposals that have been or will be presented to the ACT Government Unsolicited Proposals Steering Committee, and are currently under consideration, are available  here.