Single Assessment Framework

The ACT Government has developed The Capital Framework (TCF), which outlines a new capital works review process Stage 3 (Prove) of TCF includes a pre-funding business case review referred to as the Single Assessment Framework (SAF). This provides a structured basis for the review of capital works projects prior to funding. This framework does not intend to replicate the complex "multi-gate" capital works review processes utilised by other jurisdictions, however it aims to develop a streamlined and fit–for-purpose review process with a single "gate" prior to funding. The new business case process is a critical part of the overall project.

The business case process is designed to achieve a number of practical outcomes. These are:

The SAF will enable the ACT to embrace a broader range of delivery models and facilitate a more appropriate allocation of risk. The level of analysis required will escalate in complexity based on the value and risk profile of the project in accordance with the following three tiers. The tiers are indicative only and flexible based on risk and scope of the particular project. The three tiers are:

The objectives of the SAF are aligned with the overall objectives of the TCF which are:

Funding Objective: to provide qualitative and economically measurable information to assess and prioritise capital funding. This will ensure that scarce funds are rationed to projects in order of economic merit. This is primarily defined through a needs analysis and an economical assessment.

Spending Objective: to place a far greater emphasis on up-front analysis where savings per dollar spent are greatest. A formalised and consistent approach will be applied to:

This will ensure that scarce funds are spent in a manner that optimises value for money outcomes by allocating risk to the party than can best manage it.

Process Objective: to be fit-for-purpose to meet the Funding and Spending objectives. The proposed three tiered approach helps ensure that the level of analysis is proportional to scale of the project.

Templates / Guidance Notes

Current templates for 2018/2019 are now available in table below.

Comprehensive guidance notes covering all tiers 1 through to 3 have been prepared to help guide directorates through business case preparation.  Note that Assessment checklists are also available for Treasury analysts evaluating business cases. If you require any assistance please contact Jeff Hart directly by either email: or phone directly (02) 6207 9373 or alternatively Rebecca Power either by email: or phone directly (02) 6205 4418.

Tier 1 > $50million or High RiskBusiness Case Templates Tiers 1 & 2

Business Case Template Tiers 1 and 2 (Word 188kb)

Business Case Guide All Tiers (Word 1.4mb)
Tier 2 $10million - $50millionBusiness Case Templates Tiers 1 & 2Business Case Template Tiers 1 and 2 (Word 188kb)Business Case Guide All Tiers (Word 1.4mb)
Tier 3 < $10million
Combined Tier 3 and Recurrent including ICT
Business Case Template Combined Tier 3 Recurrent and ICTBusiness Case Template Combined  Tier 3 and Recurrent and ICT (Word 115kb) updated 7 January 2019Business Case Combined Guide Tier 3 (pdf 300kb) updated 16 August 2017

Business Case Checklist Tier 3 Checklist  (Word 85kb)

Business Case Guide ICT (Word 388kb)


Infrastructure Finance and Capital Works are establishing a new Panel of Infrastructure Commercial Advisors which will be accessible through Infrastructure Finance and Capital Works for tier 2 (selected) and tier 1 projects.  Please contact Rebecca Power in Infrastructure Finance and Capital Works to utilise this panel arrangement email: or phone directly on (02) 6205 4418.