Post Implementation Reviews

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The purpose of the Post Implementation Review ("PIR") is to evaluate project outcomes against the expectations set out in the business case. The PIR aims to measure the success of a project using a consistent measurement framework.

The decision to identify a project for a PIR is made early (before the initial Procurement Plan Minute (“PPM”) is signed off), and can be made by the Project Sponsor, Treasury or Procurement and Capital Works. Treasury will engage the services of a panel member to undertake the PIR prior to the close out of the project funds. The PIR Report will be provided to Budget Committee of Cabinet and will remain Budget-in-Confidence. The PIR will also be provided to the Government Procurement Board ("GPB,") as GPB review PPMs the PIR reviews will assist future decision making.

The indicative criteria for selecting which projects go through PIR may include the following:

Outcomes of the PIR should be fed into Strategic Service Planning to ensure lessons learnt assist future planning.

It is anticipated that this process will be funded out of the project budget and will be undertaken 6-12 months post project completion/commissioning.


The combined Report Guideline notes are provided below:

PIR - Report Guidelines v2 PDF (Pdf 653KB)    (Updated 27 February 2018) JH
PIR - Report Template v2   Word (Word 271KB) (Updated 27 February 2018) JH

Guidance Notes

There are no separate guidance notes for the PIR as these are incorporated into the template.


The Panel of Infrastructure Commercial Advisors is currently being renewed.

Please contact Rebecca Power in Infrastructure Finance and Capital Works to utilise this panel arrangement:

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