Investment Logic Workshop

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The Investment Logic Workshop (ILW) is a highly focused two hour facilitated workshop, lead by an accredited facilitator. Depending on the complexity of the project, more than one workshop may be required.
The “12 questions” of the TCF are the focus of this workshop, aiming to:

This workshop also provides an opportunity to include key stakeholders who will be important to making the potential investment successful. The number of people involved will probably be between five and eight, depending on the nature of the investment but could be anything up to 15.

It is recommended that representatives of Procurement and Capital Works and Treasury also attend as observers or participants where appropriate.


An example of an Investment Logic Map provided by Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria can be found below:

Investment Logic Map

Guidance Notes

Guidance notes have been provided to further explain what the Investment Logic Workshop intends to achieve and the importance of using an accredited facilitator:

ILW - Guidance Notes 2.0 Word (Word 392KB)


Procurement and Capital Works have established a panel of accredited facilitators. Futher details are available on the Procurement Contracts search page.

Please contact :

Phone: 02 6205 4418

Phone: 02 6207 9373