Early Project Overview

Early Project Overview (EPO) iconThe Early Project Overview (EPO) is a 45 minute presentation by the sponsoring Directorates to Treasury and Procurement and Capital Works.

Presentations are expected to be held in the first week of August each year.

The EPO seeks to achieve the following outcomes

The EPO is intended to minimise the likelihood on unexpected feedback on business case (SAF) submission and provide greater clarity to the requesting and reviewing parties.


A template has been prepared for preparation of the EPO. Please note that comments in red and green are explanatory in nature.

EPO - Template presentation 2.0 powerpointicon (PowerPoint slideshow 378KB)

Guidance Notes

The document below provides the recommended protocols for attendance and feedback for EPOs:

EPO Protocol 2.0 wordicon (Word 633KB)


There is no specific identified resources for this stage. Where advisors have been appointed they may be involved in the delivery of presentation at the Directorate's discretion.