The Capital Framework

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The Capital Framework ("TCF") is a new process for the upfront assessment of capital works funding proposals in the ACT.

TCF delivery enhances upfront rigor in needs analysis, identification of risks and delivery model assessment driving improved value for money outcomes in the Territory.

The Territory thanks and acknowledges the participation of the Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian Governments in assisting us to create The Capital Framework.


Investment Logic Workshop

A proprietry technique developed by the Victorian Treasury to rigourously assess the demonstrated need for a project.

Workshops are delivered by an accrediated facilitator and a panel is established and available to access.

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Early Project Overview

The Early Project Overview ("EPO") is a 45 minute presentation by Directorates to CMTEDD representatives

The EPO delinks the capital works approvals process from a purely budget driven cycle. There is a Panel of Commerical Advisors available from the EPO Process.

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Single Assessment Framework

The Single Assessment Framework ("SAF") is the capital works business case process.

The SAF is tiered to project value and risk with escalating levels of analysis.

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Post Implementation Review

The Post Implementation Review ("PIR") assesses how the project perfomed againt the expectations of the business case. Projects are identified for PIR at business case or procurement plan minute stage.

PIR's are funded by the project budget and provided to Budget Committee.

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