Infrastructure Finance and Reform

The Infrastructure Finance and Reform is a division within the ACT Government that operates out of CMTEDD (Treasury).  It brings together specialist capability in the support of:  selection, funding, implementation, delivery and whole-of-life transaction management of complex and major infrastructure projects.

To enable and facilitate the delivery of major and complex infrastructure projects in the ACT, IFR’s core functions comprise:

The Division comprises officers with deep industry experience and expert capabilities in the provision of commercial and project finance advice.

The Partnership Framework

The Capital Framework Unsolicited Proposals Projects

The Partnerships Framework (TPF) is an extension of The Capital Framework. TPF supports both Unsolicited Proposals and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the Territory.

TPF provides clear guidance to industry participants and seeks to create a business friendly environment that will support economic activity.

The Partnership Framework

The Capital Framework which outlines the funding and evaluation processes for all capital works in the ACT.

The Capital Framework provides guidance material and templates for the ACT Government's commercial advisors.

The Capital Framework

The ACT Government's new process to evaluate Unsolicited Proposals identifies '6 Ways' proposals can be commercially represented to Government.

It provides a clear and flexible structure to review proposals and assess both public interest and value for money.

Unsolicited Proposals

A range of projects have been identified as potential candidates for PPP delivery.



ACT Courts Facility

Juris Partnership has been selected as the preferred proponent to deliver the Territory’s first Public Private Partnerships (PPP), the new ACT Courts Facility. This project has reached completion of stage 1 and is in the operations phase. The ACT Courts PPP Contract Summary is now available:

Canberra Metro

Canberra Metro named as successful light rail consortium. This project has reached completion and is in the operations phase. More information