Unsolicited Proposals

The ACT Government is committed to improving the facilitation of infrastructure delivery within the Territory. By introducing a policy on unsolicited proposals, the ACT Government aims to create a viable pathway for prospective bidders to submit innovative and unique ideas that align with the ACT Government's strategic agenda.

It is important for genuine unsolicited proposals, which cannot be managed by normal procurement processes, to have an alternative process that is both efficient and effective for prospective bidders and Government.

The Guidelines for Unsolicited Proposals, launched in February 2014, provides a transparent framework for both bidders and Government to inform themselves with respect to the treatment of unsolicited proposals in the Territory.

The objectives of the Guidelines is to provide consistency and clarity to any parties involved in an unsolicited proposal submission.

The Guidelines ensure that accountability and fairness is maintained throughout the consideration process of unsolicited proposals, while maximising value for money to the Territory and staying within the ACT Government's affordability envelope.

A Second Edition (July 2016) replaces the previous First Revision (March 2015) and Invest Canberra’s Investment Proposal Guidelines for Investors (2014). New proposals received through Invest Canberra will be assessed through these Guidelines from 1 July 2016. Existing proposals will continue to be evaluated through the legacy frameworks.

Second Edition: updated September 2016:

The initial submission for an unsolicited proposal should be sent to unsolicitedproposal@act.gov.au.