The Capital Framework

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The Capital Framework (TCF) is the process for the upfront assessment of infrastructure project funding proposals and post delivery review of projects in the ACT. The framework provides practical assistance to Directorates in proposing, developing and assessing infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Finance and Advisory Division provides support and advice for the annual capital works budget process through the Finance and Budgets Division of Treasury and Procurement and Capital works Division of Economic Development. The division also coordinates the ongoing review and continuous improvement of The Capital Framework.

The Capital Framework will conceptualise (ILW), present (EPO), prove (SAF), and measure (PIR) medium to large capital projects in the ACT. The framework has been developed to be a fit for purpose delivery model for the successful assessment and delivery of capital projects. TCF delivery enhances upfront rigor in needs analysis, identification of risks and delivery model assessment, driving improved value for money outcomes in the Territory.

The results of the TCF will ensure the Government:

Materials for TCF are found at: 

The Territory thanks and acknowledges the participation of the Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian Governments in assisting the ACT Government in creating ‘The Capital Framework’.