Submissions to the Industry Panel

Draft Report Submissions

The Industry Panel received the following submissions in relation to the Draft Report.

    1. Mr T Dwyer – 14 January 2015 (PDF documentPDF 325KB) (Word documentWord 40KB)

    2. Icon Water Limited – Cover Letter – 23 January 20155 (PDF documentPDF 602KB) (Word documentWord 272KB)

    2. Icon Water Limited – Submission – 23 January 2015 155 (PDF documentPDF 990KB) (Word documentWord 472KB)

    3. S Crawford – 23 January 20155 (PDF documentPDF 346KB) (Word documentWord 19KB)


Review Issues Submissions

The Industry Panel received the following submissions in relations to the issues to be considered by the review.

Mr K Cox – 6 August 2014 (PDF documentPDF 203KB) (Word documentWord 45KB)

Mr S Crawford – 15 August 2014 (PDF documentPDF 490KB) (Word documentWord 40KB)

UP999 – 15 August 2014 (PDF documentPDF 2.5MB) (Word documentWord 8.1MB)

Mr T Dwyer – 15 August 2014 (PDF documentPDF 135KB) (Word documentWord 50KB)

Ms Jo Forestier – 15 August 2014 (PDF documentPDF 218KB) (Word documentWord 25KB)

Approach Paper Submissions

The Industry Panel received the following Submissions in relation to the Approach Paper.

ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (PDF documentPDF 196KB) (Word documentWord 24KB)
ACTEW Corporation (PDF documentPDF 293KB) (Word documentWord 1.27MB)
Executive Committee UP999 (PDF documentPDF 324KB) (Word documentWord 150KB)
Mr Scott Crawford (PDF documentPDF 351KB) (Word documentWord 26KB)
Ratepayers Association of the ACT Inc (PDF documentPDF 146KB) (Word documentWord 29KB)

Note: ACTEW Corporation Limited (using the business name ACTEW Water) registered its change of name to Icon Water Limited (Icon Water) on 28 October 2014. Depending on the creation and source of the documents uploaded to the Industry Panel website, the entity may be referred to as Icon, Icon Water, ACTEW or ACTEW Water in the documents on the Industry Panel Website.