Public Hearing – 6 February 2015

Industry Panel Public Hearing - Communiqué 6 February 2015 

The Industry Panel held a public hearing on 6 February 2015 in Canberra. President Ms Mary Anne Hartley QC, and Members Ms Claire Thomas PSM and Ms Sally Farrier presided. 

The Panel President opened the public hearing by providing a summary of the review process to date, noting that the Panel had released its draft report and proposed price direction on 3 December 2014, and had subsequently invited written submissions about its draft decision.

Ms Hartley explained that purpose of the hearing is to explore key issues raised in the three written submissions that the Panel has received, as well as to provide a further opportunity for the ACT community to raise any other issues or new evidence that should be taken into account before the Panel makes its final decision.

Ms Hartley noted that some of the key issues arising from the submissions included:

Following a presentation by Icon Water (formerly ACTEW) outlining the key aspects of their submission, the Panel asked questions intended to clarify Icon's major concerns and interrogate related assertions. Other participants also asked questions of Icon.

The Panel President then opened up the forum for any other issues that participants wanted to raise in relation to the review.

In addition to representatives from Icon Water, the following people also addressed the Panel: Ms Forestier, Ms Helyar (ACTCOSS), Ms Gerussi and Ms Vidler (UP999), and Mr Collins (BDA Group).

Closing the hearing, Ms Hartley thanked all attendees for their considered contributions to the Panel's deliberations. She emphasised that, as the Panel prepares its final report and price direction, it would take into account the comments made at this hearing, along with those issues raised in the written submissions.

A transcript will be published detailing all attendees and providing a full record of the hearing.

Next steps

At the Industry Panel Public Hearing – 6 February 2015, the Industry Panel indicated that the following documents would be published on the Panel's website:

Industry Panel Public Hearing Transcript (PDF documentPDF 179KB) (Word documentWord 58KB)

Industry Panel Public Hearing Attendance List (PDF documentPDF 529KB) (Word documentWord 21KB)

Industry Panel Public Hearing – Icon Water Presentation Slides (PDF documentPDF 1MB) (Word documentWord 907KB)

Industry Panel Public Hearing – Icon Water Response to Follow-up Questions – Letter – 26 February 2015 (PDF documentPDF 54KB) (Word documentWord 187KB)

Industry Panel Public Hearing – Icon Water Response to Follow-up Questions – Attachment – 26 February 2015 (PDF documentPDF 778KB) (Word documentWord 453KB)