The Panel would prefer submissions to be lodged electronically and emailed to:

The Panel encourages interested parties to make submissions in either Microsoft Word format or PDF (OCR readable text format – that is, they should be direct conversions from the word-processing program, rather than scanned copies in which the text cannot be searched).

Alternatively, submissions may be faxed to the Panel on (02) 6207 0267, or posted to the following address:

Industry Panel
GPO Box 158
Canberra ACT 2601

Public consultation is a crucial element of the Panel’s review process, and all submissions it receives will be treated as public and be published on the Panel’s website unless the author of the submission indicates clearly that all or part of the submission is confidential and not to be made available publicly.

Where confidential material is claimed, the Panel prefers that this be under a separate cover and clearly marked ‘In Confidence’. The Panel will assess the author’s claim and discuss appropriate steps to ensure that confidential material is protected while maintaining the principles of openness, transparency, consistency and accountability.

If the Panel considers, in its sole judgement, that the content of a submission is inappropriate for any reason (such as being defamatory), it may choose not to publish that submission in part or full. Every submission is welcome, but multiple, identical submissions do not carry any more weight than a single submission.

The Panel’s Secretariat may be contacted at the above addresses, or by telephone on (02) 6207 6128.

Submissions will be uploaded to the Panel’s website in due course, which can be found at: