Directions Hearing – 25 July 2014

The Industry Panel held a directions hearing on 25 July 2014, commenced at 10.30 am at the Canberra Museum and Gallery Theatrette, 176 London Circuit, Canberra City. The focus of the hearing was on procedural issues and the Industry Panel's proposed approach to the review. In order to be heard at the hearing, the Industry Panel requested written submissions in regards to its proposed approach by 18 July 2014, as outlined within the Approach Paper.

The Industry Panel received submissions in relation to the Approach Paper, which can be found at Submission to the Industry Panel.

Following the Industry Panel Directions Hearing, the Industry Panel released an Industry Panel Communiqué 25 July 2014, Directions Hearing Slides, the Directions Hearing Transcript and the Directions Hearing Attendance List, which can be found through Direction Hearing – Communiqué 25 July 2014.