Approach Paper – 30 June 2014

On 30 June 2014, the Industry Panel released an Approach Paper, which discusses the process that the Panel intends to adopt in undertaking its review and the way that the Panel will conduct itself. The paper explains the background to the review, and outlines expected process for the review.

The paper also describes how the Industry Panel will interact with parties to the review, and provides details of how the ACT community can engage in the review process and can be kept informed of progress.

Some indicative timelines for the review are provided in the paper, although it is recognised that timeframes may need to change depending on the nature and scope of the issues raised during the review process.

Links to the Approach Paper, as well as the letters sent to ACTEW Corporation Limited and other parties to the review are below.

Approach Paper – June 2014 (PDF documentPDF 153KB) (Word documentWord 278KB)

Letter to ACTEW Corporation Limited about the Approach Paper (PDF documentPDF 63KB) (Word documentWord 139KB)

Generic Letter to Other Parties about the Approach Paper (PDF documentPDF 59KB) (Word documentWord 137KB)

Letter to Treasurer (PDF documentPDF 35KB) (Word documentWord 132KB)