ACT Election Commitment Costings 2016

The Election Commitments Costing Act 2012 specifies the circumstances and arrangements under which the Director-General of the ACT Treasury Directorate (ie the Under Treasurer) may be requested to cost party election commitments before and after polling day for a ACT Legislative Assembly election.  More detail in relation to procedural arrangements and timeframes are provided in the Guidelines for Costing Election Commitments 2016.

ACT election commitment costings for each political party can be found below:

Key Dates

Withdrawn Costings

Withdrawn costings reflect circumstances where completion of an election commitment costing was not possible by the pre-polling close-off of 10:00pm Thursday, 13 October 2016.

As outlined in Section 6 of the Election Commitment Costing Act 2012, by providing written advice to the Under Treasurer, a party may withdraw a costing request at any time prior to the party being provided with a copy of the costing.

As outlined in Section 9(5) of the Election Commitment Costing Act 2012:

Any election commitment costing request received by the Under Treasurer but not costed by 10:00pm on the Thursday immediately before polling day is taken to be withdrawn and will be advised on the ACT Government Election Commitment Costing website.

Updated Template

As stated in Part 2 of the Guidelines for Costing Election Commitments 2016, the Under Treasurer aims to be clear, transparent and timely when costing election commitments.  

To better align the presentation of the financial impact of the costing request (Appendix B) with the Public Release of Costing Proforma (Appendix C), the Under Treasurer has decided to amend Appendix C to assist readers in comparing the two documents.  Specifically, the template has been changed to separately identify depreciation.

All three parties have been advised of the changed template and the fact that all costings signed prior to 21 September were re-signed on 22 September using the new template.


Guidelines for Costing Election Commitments 2016 [PDF document PDF 580KB] Word doc [Word document 703KB]

Request for Costing an Election Commitment Word doc [Word document 63KB]

Standard Costing Parameters 2016 [PDF document PDF 318KB] Word doc [Word document 420KB]

2016-17 Average Salary Costing Template [Excel 17KB]

2012 Archive

ACT election commitment costings for each political party for 2012 can be accessed via the links below.

2012 ACT Labor Party Costings

2012 Canberra Liberals Costings

2012 ACT Greens Costings

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