Compulsory Third Party Insurance

CTP Insurance

More than 280,000 motor vehicles are registered or reregistered in the ACT annually. If you own a motor vehicle, you are required to buy compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance every year as part of the vehicle registration process.

What does CTP cover?

CTP insurance covers other people (including pedestrians and passengers) injured in a car accident that is found to be your fault or the fault of someone else driving your car.

Without CTP insurance, if you were found to be at fault in a car accident and other people were injured, you would personally be responsible for the compensation costs arising from those injuries. This could amount to many thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you could not pay, the injured people could be left without a way to recover their loss and manage their injuries. This is why CTP insurance is compulsory in every state and territory in Australia.

Want to know more about the ACT CTP Insurance Scheme?

CTP Information BookletSee the CTP information booklet which provides an explanation of who the CTP scheme covers and the benefits it provides; how your premiums are determined; and what happens with your premium dollars when you purchase CTP insurance.

Understanding Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance in the ACT [PDF 285kb]

CTP DiagramIn addition, the CTP diagram compares different types of personal and property motor vehicle insurance.

How Does Motor Vehicle Insurance Work in the ACT? [PDF 76kb]