Budget Paper 3: Budget Overview

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Budget Paper 3 6.38MB PDF document
Structure of the ACT Government 119KB  PDF document 108KB Word document

Chapter 1 - Fiscal Strategy

1.1 Budget Outlook 122KB PDF document 160KB Word document
1.2 Fiscal Strategy - Financial Objectives and Key Measures 139KB PDF document 116KB Word document
1.3 The Budget Plan Update 112KB PDF document 166KB Word document
1.4 Taxation Reform 73KB PDF document 79KB Word document
1.5 Cost of Living 73KB PDF document 73KB Word document
1.6 2012-13 Budget Savings 113KB PDF document 90KB Word document

Chapter 2 - Budget and Financial Projections

2.1 Budget and Financial Projections 101KB PDF document 74KB Word document
2.2 Summary of Movements from the 2011-12 Budget 142KB PDF document 147KB Word document
2.3 Summary of Major Risks 95KB PDF document 69KB Word document

Chapter 3 - Taxation Reform

3.1 ACT Taxation Review 93KB PDF document 90KB Word document
3.2 2012-13 Taxation Reform 168KB PDF document 162KB Word document

Chapter 4 - Cost of Living

4.1 Cost of Living Statement 197KB PDF document 185KB Word document

Chapter 5 - Revenue and Forward Estimates

5.1 Revenue and Forward Estimates 292KB PDF document  385KB Word document

Chapter 6 - Expenditure

6.1 Expenses and Forward Estimates 138KB PDF document 94KB Word document
6.2 Expenditure Initiatives 502KB PDF document 620KB Word document
6.3 Savings Initiatives 153KB PDF document 175KB Word document

Chapter 7 - Infrastructure

7.1 2012-13 Infrastructure Investment Program 134KB PDF document 118KB Word document
7.2 Supporting Land Supply and Land Release 124KB PDF document 119KB Word document
7.3 The Territory's Infrastructure 118KB PDF document 158KB Word document
7.4 2012-13 Capital Initiatives 610KB PDF document 882KB Word document
7.5 2012-13 Capital Works Program 345KB PDF document 565KB Word document

Chapter 8 - Assets and Liabilities

8.1 Investments 145KB PDF document 148KB Word document
8.2 Government Borrowings and Gross Debt 107KB PDF document 99KB Word document
8.3 Superannuation 153KB PDF document 155KB Word document

Chapter 9 - Economic Overview

9.1 Economic Conditions 156KB PDF document 332KB Word document
9.2 Federal Financial Relations 307KB PDF document 414KB Word document

Chapter 10 - A Sustainable Territory

10.1 A Sustainable Territory 168KB PDF document 116KB Word document


A - Budget Consultation (Submission Acknowledgement) 84KB PDF document 42KB Word document
B - Statement of Sensitivity on Budget Estimates 120KB PDF document 105KB Word document
C - Statement of Risk 105KB PDF document 91KB Word document
D - Classification of ACT Entities 101KB PDF document 114KB Word document
E - Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2012-13 44KB PDF document 101KB Word document
F - Appropriation Bill 2012-13 76KB PDF document 149KB Word document
G - 2012-13 GFS/GAAP Harmonised Financial Statements 643KB PDF document 1.18MB Word document
H - Glossary and Abbreviations 210KB PDF document 202KB Word document