Budget paper 4: Budget estimates

Publication title PDF download
Structure of the ACT GovernmentOpen
Basis of 1999-2000 Budget and forward estimates - Accrual presentationOpen
Departments PDF download
Legislative Assembly Secretariat PDF 33 KB
ACT Executive PDF 19 KB
Auditor-General PDF 20 KB
Chief Minister's Department PDF 104 KB
Office of Asset Management PDF 38 KB
Central Financing Unit PDF 46 KB
ACT Superannuation Provision PDF 42 KB
Department of Health and Community Care PDF 112 KB
Department of Urban Services PDF 216 KB
ACT Forests PDF 23 KB
ACT Housing PDF 29 KB
Department of Justice and Community Safety PDF 128 KB
Department of Education, Youth and Family Services PDF 186 KB
Territory Authorities and Corporations PDF download
Canberra Institute of Technology PDF 37 KB
Casino Surveillance Authority PDF 13 KB
Exhibition Park in Canberra PDF 19 KB
The Canberra Hospital PDF 34 KB
ACT Community Care PDF 28 KB
Legal Aid Commission PDF 18 KB
Public Trustee for the ACT PDF 18 KB
Australian International Hotel School PDF 21 KB
Gungahlin Development Authority PDF 27 KB
HealthPACT PDF 18 KB
ACTEW Corporation Limited PDF 29 KB
Milk Authority of the ACT PDF 19 KB
ACTTAB Limited PDF 21 KB
Totalcare Industries Limited PDF 23 KB
Cultural Facilities Corporation PDF 20 KB
Canberra Tourism and Events Corporation PDF 22 KB
Canberra Cemeteries Trust PDF 19 KB
CanDeliver Limited PDF 19 KB
ACT Gambling and Racing Commission PDF 21 KB
Agents Board of the ACT PDF 17 KB
A. Summary of transfersOpen
B. Summary of terms of debt capital injectionOpen
C. Additional information on benchmarksOpen
D. Summary of outputsOpen
E. Glossary and abbreviationsOpen

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