Media Releases

2015-2016 Budget Banner

Media Release Title File Download
2015-16 ACT Budget - For Canberra 191 KB PDF document108 KB Word document
Health and education investment for Canberra  
Better health services for Canberra  352 KB PDF document435 KB Word document
Nation leading schools for Canberra 327 KB PDF document424 KB Word document
Keeping Canberra healthy and active 353 KB PDF document416 KB Word document
Suburban renewal and better transport for Canberra  
Renewal of Canberra CBD and suburbs 347 KB PDF document460 KB Word document
Roads for Canberra 332 KB PDF document404 KB Word document
Better transport for Canberra 308 KB PDF document394 KB Word document
Enhancing liveability and social inclusion for Canberra  
Opportunities for all Canberrans 503 KB PDF document727 KB Word document
Emergency services for Canberra 331 KB PDF document434 KB Word document
Improving Canberra's justice system 318 KB PDF document414 KB Word document
Economic growth and diversification for Canberra  
Growing the Canberra economy 397 KB PDF document446 KB Word document
Support for Canberra businesses 441 KB PDF document478 KB Word document

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