Australian Capital Territory Budget 2015-16 : For Canberra

In 2015-16, the Territory Government will spend $5.1 billion 1 in the delivery of services to the people of Canberra and a further $825 million for infrastructure. Total capital funding over the coming four years is $2.8 billion.

Government Priorities 2

Health and Education > $$2.6 billion (56%)

Economic Growth and Diversification > $502 million (10%)

Suburban Renewal and Transport > $660 million (14%)

Liveability and Social Inclusion > $933 million (20%)


1. General Government Sector Expenditure in 2015-16. The expenses by key priority area above do not equal total GGS expenses as they do not include superannuation and other expenses that do not directly correlate to functions

2. Classification of spending to priority areas changes from year to year

Where the Money Goes

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