Suburban renewal and better transport for Canberra

Australian Capital Territory Budget 2015-16 : For Canberra

Canberra's suburbs are vibrant and iconic

Suburban renewal

Budget Highlights

  • better connections to better places
  • more options for active travel
  • more municipal services
  • better recreation and arts facilities
  • public housing renewal

The Government wants to maintain the suburban environment through ongoing investments in the amenity of the city, suburban renewal and improvements to transport.

Recent initiatives that demonstrate the Government's commitment to suburban renewal and better transport include planned upgrades to over 100 playgrounds, the second stage of upgrades to Weston Park and the start of consultation on a Smart Parking trial.

Renewal must be ongoing to ensure our city is adaptable to the needs of its people. That is why the Government will invest an additional $88.4 million of operating funding in the 2015-16 Budget as well as a record $325 million in capital for infrastructure projects.

Suburban renewal for Canberra

Suburban growth and renewal is important to provide for growth in our population and to maintain our beautiful city.

5000 hectares of grass mowed

This budget provides for more mowing, cleaning and maintenance to spruce up our suburbs.

The Government will upgrade or plan for improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure, including age friendly improvements, in the following areas:

3000+ km footpaths and on/off road cycle paths

In the 2015-16 Budget, the Government will provide for additional waste collection, street lighting and the maintenance of public places and assets in new suburbs.

Areas around Civic and Braddon will also be made safer and more appealing through lighting and footpath upgrades.

More funding will be provided for the maintenance of playground equipment and the government will undertake safety upgrades at government-owned arts facilities.

The Government is committed to building, upgrading and maintaining high quality sport and recreation facilities to maximise community participation in sport.

Funding will be provided for a new sports facility at Melrose High School and for upgrades to Phillip Oval.

450+ playgrounds

In the 2015-16 Budget, $133 million in capital funding has been provided for the redevelopment of Allawah Court, Karuah and Red Hill housing developments and the Owen Flats.

This renewal of public housing is the single biggest infrastructure investment program in the budget and will involve the demolition of units and the sale of land as well as the construction of modern replacement properties.

23000 people provided accommodation in ACT public housing

Transport for Canberra

Great cities are connected and coordinated and this Government is committed to ensuring all members can connect with the people and the places that are important to them.

17.5 million passenger boardings on ACTION Buses

The 2015-16 Budget will invest in the first stage of light rail, with funding for the detailed design, procurement and contract management of the construction of Capital Metro.

416 ACTION Buses

The Nightrider Service will continue for two years and the Community Transport Coordination Centre will continue for a further year with future funding for these services to be considered as part of the transport reform strategy.

The Government will continue investing in roads for Canberra through:

3300km of roads

A range of feasibility studies for future road works will also be undertaken. This will include a study to consider current and future transport requirements on the roads near the airport.

A better environment for Canberra

The Government is committed to maintaining Canberra's pristine natural environment for current and future generations.

700000 tonnes of recycled material collected

The Government will provide funding to continue recycling in the City area and bulky waste collection for eligible concession card holders.

Funding will be provided for the Government to implement Version 3 of the Strategic Bushfire Management Plan, which aims to increase fire management to reduce the risk of bushfire.

Our Government will improve the long-term condition and sustainability of endangered species and habitat across the ACT as well as conduct a study into options for the long-term management of Canberra's urban forest. We will also provide additional support for volunteer groups active in the ACT's parks and reserves.

740000 trees in the urban forest

The combined funding for suburban renewal and transport for Canberra focuses attention on areas and services that will create a vibrant and attractive city.

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