Our vision for Canberra

Australian Capital Territory Budget 2015-16 : For Canberra

This is a budget for Canberra.

This budget outlines the Territory Government's plan to join with the community and our local businesses to renew the city and bolster our economy in response to the cuts by the Commonwealth Government. This budget builds on the strength of our city and our people to drive diversification, maintain our world-class facilities and services and uphold our title of the most liveable city in the world.

While our economy has weathered the storm of Commonwealth cuts well, it still needs support from the ACT Government.

It is now more important than ever that our Government supports the city, its people and its economy to grow and diversify – building a dynamic capital that attracts talent, creativity and investment.

We are proud of our great city, and confident the priorities that support our vision for Canberra are shared by the community.

This budget builds on the Government's past investments with a focus on health, education, economic growth, diversification, suburban renewal, better transport, liveability and social inclusion.

The Government is inviting private sector investment through programs to showcase Canberra as a great place to do business.

These initiatives to support local business will encourage tourism, attract international events, promote business opportunities and encourage innovation to strengthen our economy.

This budget invests heavily in our city's services and infrastructure, while outlining a clear path to return to surplus.

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