Budget 2015-16

Australian Capital Territory Budget 2015-16 : For Canberra

Treasurer's message

Portrait photo: Andrew Barr MLA, Chief Minister and Treasurer2015-16 ACT Budget - For Canberra

My first budget as Chief Minister will ensure Canberra remains the world's most liveable city and a place all Canberrans can be proud of, with a community and economy in which we can all feel confidence. This is a budget for Canberra.

We are proud of our city's international reputation, proud of our excellent universities and proud of the renewal that is breathing new life into our town centres. We are proud of our world-class schools and hospitals. We are proud of our leafy suburbs and the neighbourhood shops and parks.

The funding in this budget for Canberra goes to the heart of our city and its people – ensuring we have the right services, facilities, and infrastructure that our residents and businesses deserve and expect.

Budgets are about people, as much as they are about fiscal strategies. Since becoming Chief Minister, I've made it my priority to get out and listen to Canberrans, and to provide the services they need. This budget delivers. Canberrans need quality schools, roads, hospitals and community services –  which this budget delivers. Most importantly, they need jobs. Our clear vision for supporting the economy and infrastructure investment, which continues in this budget, will deliver job opportunities for Canberra. Through the record funding for municipal services in this budget, we are also ensuring  the look of our city will continue to match the pride we feel in it: neatly mown verges, well-maintained roads and footpaths, and well-kept parks and playgrounds.

Budgets are also about values. This budget is a clear statement of the values this Government holds. We stand up for Canberra against the Commonwealth's savage cuts, and we will continue to use the budget to safeguard jobs for Canberra, to support our local businesses and grow our economy. We are proudly  continuing to build new infrastructure, and plan for the Canberra of tomorrow through major long-term projects. We are proudly spending more than any government before us on renewing our hospitals, schools, roads and local services.

This budget delivers for Canberra. It delivers a strong economy and growing businesses, quality services and infrastructure, and a vitality to match the pride we feel in our city.

Andrew Barr MLA
Chief Minister and Treasurer
June 2015