The Budget in Your Region

The Budget in Your Region

Welcome to the Interactive Map for the 2014-15 Budget Papers.

The map contains information about ACT Government infrastructure and capital works projects that are in progress or included in the 2014-15 Budget. It is designed for viewing on a desktop computer using Google Maps© software and may not display properly on smaller devices. The map indicates where capital funds will be invested in 2014-15 and across the forward years. It does not contain an exhaustive list of all capital works projects. It includes Works in Progress where design or construction may be well advanced.

You may click on particular regions and categories to filter the projects. A description of each relevant project will appear listed as you scroll down the web page. You may also zoom in or out using the facility on the left hand side of the screen. Users may also search for project information by typing in key words using the find function in browser software. Some projects are not linked to a particular location, as they involve capital works that are planned for multiple locations in the Territory.


While care has been taken in producing this map, no reliance should be placed on any statement or information herein without first making your own assessment and enquiry about the completeness, accuracy, reliability and status of the information and its relevance to your circumstances. This map information is not designed for use in navigation nor to precisely locate any feature or project. The Government gives no warranty or assurance of the accuracy of this information and accepts no direct, indirect or consequential liability arising from reliance on the information.

print friendly version of the map 4.5MB PDF document is published using Adobe Reader© software. The print friendly version is illustrative only, since it does not contain as many projects and as much information as this interactive version.