Budget Paper 3: Budget Outlook

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Budget Paper 3  4.16MB PDF document
Introduction 1.2MB PDF document 1.1MB Word document
Chapter 1 - Economic Performance, Outlook and Strategy 315KB PDF document 526KB Word document
1.1 Overview
1.2 Global and National Economic Outlook
1.3 ACT Economic Outlook
1.4 Economy Strategy
1.5 Risks to the Economic Outlook
Chapter 2 - Fiscal Strategy 564KB PDF document 571KB Word document
2.1 Budget Outlook
2.2 Fiscal Strategy
2.3 Cost of Living Statement
Chapter 3 - New Initiatives 1.2MB PDF document 1.1MB Word document
3.1 Initiatives Overview
3.2 Expense Initiatives
3.3 Infrastructure and Capital Initiatives
3.4 Revenue Initiatives
Chapter 4 - Expenses 217KB PDF document 112KB Word document
4.1 Expenses and Forward Estimates
4.2 Savings
Chapter 5 - Infrastructure and Capital 1.1MB PDF document 1.4MB Word document
5.1 Infrastructure Investment Program
5.2 Supporting Land Supply and Land Release
5.3 The Territory's Infrastructure
5.4 Capital Works Program
Chapter 6 - Revenue 546KB PDF document 144KB Word document
6.1 Revenue and Forward Estimates
6.2 Taxation Reform
Chapter 7 - Federal Financial Relations 524KB PDF document 544KB Word document
7.1 Federal Financial Relation
Chapter 8 - Assets and Liability Management 348KB PDF document 265KB Word document
8.1 Net Debt and Net Financial Liabilities
8.2 Unfunded Superannuation Liability
8.3 Management of Financial Assets and Liabilities
Chapter 9 - General Government Sector Financial Statements 562KB PDF document 678KB Word document
9.1 GGS GFS/GAAP Harmonised Financial Statements
A: Budget Consultation (Submission Acknowledgement) 98KB PDF document 49KB Word document
B: Statement of Sensitivity of Budget Estimates 161KB PDF document 103KB Word document
C: Statement of Risk 136KB PDF document 95KB Word document
D: Consolidated Financial Statements - Public Trading Enterprises and Total Territory 541KB PDF document 690KB Word document
E: Summary of Transfers 110KB PDF document 38KB Word document
F: Summary and Terms of Debt Capital Injection 168KB PDF document 92KB Word document
G: Summary of Outputs 144KB PDF document 128KB Word document
H: Whole of Government Staffing 146KB PDF document 64KB Word document
I: Historical HNOB and Budget Aggregates 111KB PDF document 76KB Word document
J: Structure of the ACT Government 202KB PDF document 80KBWord document