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Our investment in urban renewal is about more than just making Canberra look good. It is about a city that functions well too. This Budget invests more in our built environment, in our neighbourhoods and in our natural environment to continue our urban renewal. The investments in this Budget amount to more than $125 million, in addition to what we are investing in our major transformative infrastructure projects. This brings the total expenditure for urban renewal activities to over $690 million in 2014–15.

Investing in roads and transport

The major infrastructure projects mentioned earlier—Capital Metro, City to the Lake, redevelopment of the Courts, the Australia Forum—will all renew the look and functionality of Canberra.

These projects are substantial works. But this Budget invests even more in urban renewal. Roads and public transport underpin a well functioning, and prosperous, city. This Budget puts more into both these areas.

Budget highlights

Transport for Canberra and ACTION

The Government recognises the importance of investing in public transport. Quality public transport services ease traffic congestion and reduce transport times (and cost); provide a community service to those unable to afford personal transport; and reduce carbon emissions and help our environment.

Since 2011–12, we have previously invested, $172 million for ACTION and other Transport for Canberra initiatives. This has included bus transit ways, park and ride facilities, bus fleet and service expansions.

In this Budget we provide a further $20.1 million for Transport for Canberra and ACTION initiatives, including additional weekend services to new suburbs (including Wright, Casey, Harrison and West Macgregor); and a new, improved booking system for Community Transport Coordination. This will help older Canberrans and those with special needs.

Investing in Roads and Transport

In 2014–15:
  • There will be 18.5 million ACTION passenger boardings
  • The road network will include over 6,700 lane kilometres
  • 600,000m2 of roads will be resurfaced
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This Budget funds:

  • Stage 1 of the redevelopment of Woden bus interchange
  • Upgrade of the Erindale bus station
  • More walking and cycling infrastructure across Canberra.

And drivers will benefit too from major roads projects including:

  • Traffic lights on the William Slim-Barton Highway intersection
  • Majura Parkway to Majura Road link
  • Upgrades to intersections at Dickson
  • Arterial and other road links for the residential development at Denman Prospect in Molonglo
  • Access into the new residential development at Throsby in Gungahlin.

Investing in our suburbs

The quality and amenity of our built environment directly impacts on our quality of life. For this reason, we are continuing to invest in upgrading, remediating and maintaining our local centres and urban areas. And in keeping them clean.

Budget highlights

We are expanding the Local Shopping Centre Upgrades Program with a further $2 million investment. We are also investing in Group Centre Parking project in Weston Creek.

We are allocating an additional $12.8 million over four years to maintain our assets and provide enhanced municipal services for our growing city.

We are also investing $11.4 million in safe, environmentally responsible and modern management of waste. Waste project highlights include:

  • Continuation of the trial program helping concession card holders with the removal of bulky waste
  • Remediation of the Mugga 2 Quarry and replacement of the Mugga Lane Asbestos Disposal Site
  • Upgrade of recycling services at Mugga Lane, the Materials Recovery facility at Hume and Regional drop off centres.

We have invested substantially in waste management over recent years, with $41.6 million previously provided since 2011–12 for activities such as the Mugga Lane – Land Fill Extension Stage 5 and new waste bins.

Investing in Our Suburbs

In 2014–15:
  • 800,000 tonnes of recyclable material, i.e. 75% of all waste managed, will be diverted from landfill
  • Over 2,700 kilometres of Community Paths will be maintained and 35 kilometres of new paths constructed
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Investing in sustainable parks and environment

Canberra as the Bush Capital has become part of our character. It is one of our great drawcards and it makes Canberra a great place to live.

The Government recognises the importance of maintaining and improving our natural environment and this Budget continues our investment in this area.

Budget highlights

This Budget includes initiatives of around $26 million to care for our natural environment.

Around $15 million more will go to Parks and City Services to ensure our rangers can manage our parks and reserves and maintain the amenity of our city areas.

As part of an enhanced biodiversity stewardship program, we will invest in more rabbit and weed control activities.

We will research non-lethal means to control our kangaroo population. This will help care for our native grasslands.

The Gungaderra Grasslands and Mulanggari Nature Reserves will be extended and the Molonglo Valley Plan for the Protection of Matters of National Environmental Significance will also be further progressed.

These priorities build on more than $35 million previously provided for environment related initiatives since the 2011–12 Budget.

Investing in Sustainable Parks and Environment

In 2014–15:
  • There will be over 700,000 trees in the urban forest
  • There will be over 6,000 hectares of urban open space
  • Over 8,600 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions will be reduced as a result of the Carbon Neutral Fund
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