Budget Paper 4: Budget Estimates

Publication Title File Download
Budget Paper 44.85MB PDF document
Structure of the ACT Government 194KB PDF document45KB Word document
Office of the Legislative Assembly 272KB 10802287KB 108023
ACT Executive 211KB 10802254KB 108023
Auditor-General 217KB 10802260KB 108023
Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate 516KB 108022261KB 108023
Superannuation Provision Account 324KB 10802274KB 108023
Territory Banking Account 388KB 108022141KB 108023
Health Directorate 422KB 108022163KB 108023
ACT Local Hospital Network 270KB 10802297KB 108023
Economic Development Directorate 441KB 108022318KB 108023
Commerce and Works Directorate 308KB 108022314KB 108023
Home Loan Portfolio 226KB 10802259KB 108023
Justice and Community Safety Directorate 471KB 108022345KB 108023
Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate 447KB 108022169KB 108023
Capital Metro Agency 225KB 10802265KB 108023
Education and Training Directorate 411KB 108022164KB 108023
Community Services Directorate 424KB 108022177KB 108023
Housing ACT 460KB 108022147KB 108023
Territory and Municipal Services Directorate 521KB 108022247KB 108023
ACTION 304KB 108022134KB 108023
Territory Authorities and Corporations 
ACT Compulsory Third-Party Insurance Regulator 198KB 10802249KB 108023
ACT Gambling and Racing Commission 335KB 108022150KB 108023
ACT Insurance Authority 216KB 10802258KB 108023
ACT Public Cemeteries Authority 250KB 10802271KB 108023
ACTEW Corporation 248KB 10802299KB 108023
ACTTAB Limited 221KB 10802271KB 108023
Canberra Institute of Technology 314KB 108022147KB 108023
CIT Solutions Pty Ltd 230KB 10802275KB 108023
Cultural Facilities Corporation 263KB 10802277KB 108023
Exhibition Park Corporation 236KB 10802264KB 108023
Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission 242KB 10802256KB 108023
Land Development Agency 247KB 10802268KB 108023
Legal Aid Commission (ACT) 268KB 10802273KB 108023
Public Trustee for the ACT 223KB 10802258KB 108023
A - Concepts Underlying 2013-14 Budget and Forward Estimates 337KB 108022128KB 108023
B - Summary of Transfers 138KB 10802235KB 108023
C - Summary and Terms of Debt Capital Injection 157KB 10802239KB 108023
D - Summary of Outputs 118KB 10802238KB 108023
E - Whole of Government Staffing 145KB 10802236KB 108023
F - Discontinued Agencies - Treasury / Shared Services Centre 341KB 108022144KB 108023
G - Glossary and Abbreviations 246KB 10802263KB108023