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2009-10 Budget: Investing in our community, delivering on our commitments, in challenging timesPDF 477 KBRTF 891 KB

Jon Stanhope MLA

Chief Minister
Minister for Transport
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services
Minister for Business and Economic Development
Minister for Indigenous Affairs
Minister for the Arts and Heritage

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Paid maternity leave extended to 18 weeksPDF 454 KBRTF 886 KB
Better roads to meet Canberra's needsPDF 460 KBRTF 889 KB
New rapid transit buses every 15 minutesPDF 457 KBRTF 886 KB
Labor boosts crucial business support in tough timesPDF 458 KBRTF 889 KB
Investment in community places to support jobsPDF 473 KBRTF 890 KB
Major contribution to Canberra's CentenaryPDF 452 KBRTF 886 KB

Katy Gallagher MLA

Deputy Chief Minister
Minister for Health
Minister for Community Services 
Minister for Women

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$90 million investment in an e-healthy futurePDF 480 KBRTF 889 KB
New community health centre for BelconnenPDF 465 KBRTF 887 KB
Cancer services to receive $12m boostPDF 458 KBRTF 888 KB
Budget funds health services to meet continuing growth in demandPDF 462 KBRTF 890 KB
$20m allocated to grow ACT health workforce and support GPsPDF 462 KBRTF 890 KB
Budget recognises prevention the key to a healthy futurePDF 471 KBRTF 890 KB
Mental Health funded for growthPDF 455 KBRTF 887 KB
Boost for high demand therapy servicesPDF 455 KBRTF 886 KB

Simon Corbell MLA

Minister for Police and Emergency Services
Minister for Environment, Water and Climate Change
Minister for Energy

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Budget provides $35m for the environmentPDF 471 KBRTF 889 KB
New one-stop shop to help householdersPDF 468 KBRTF 888 KB
Helping preserve the ACT's potable water suppliesPDF 466 KBRTF 888 KB
Government encourages local businesses to recyclePDF 466 KBRTF 886 KB
Investing in community safety in Canberra nightspotsPDF 455 KBRTF 887 KB
Budget funds improved emergency services facilitiesPDF 464 KBRTF 890 KB
Investing in our community's safety: Prosecutor numbers receive a major boostPDF 455 KBRTF 886 KB
Delivering better facilities for our justice systemPDF 455 KBRTF 887 KB

Andrew Barr MLA

Minister for Education and Training
Minister for Planning
Minister for Children and Young People
Minister for Tourism, Sport and Recreation

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Investing in education, delivering on our commitmentsPDF 473 KBRTF 887 KB
Planning to support the jobs of CanberransPDF 461 KBRTF 889 KB
Children and Youth: Early intervention for a better futurePDF 453 KBRTF 886 KB
Supporting jobs and the economy by investing in tourism and sports infrastructurePDF 475 KBRTF 891 KB

John Hargreaves MLA

Minister for Industrial Relations
Minister for Corrections
Minister for Multicultural Affairs
Minister for Disability and Housing
Minister for Ageing

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Funding to assist people to move out of hospitalPDF 452 KBRTF 886 KB
Streamlining and expanding grants program for vulnerable peoplePDF 455 KBRTF 886 KB
$569,000 to support national OH&S frameworkPDF 469 KBRTF 888 KB
New services funded for ACT homelessPDF 474 KBRTF 891 KB

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