Budget Paper 3: Budget Overview

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Structure of the ACT Government PDF document PDF 221KB RTF DocumentRTF 365KB

Chapter 1 Fiscal Strategy and Overview

1.1 Budget Outlook PDF document PDF 77KB RTF DocumentRTF 214KB
1.2 Fiscal Strategy - Financial Objectives and Key Measures PDF document PDF 81KB RTF DocumentRTF 432KB
1.3 The Budget Plan Update PDF document PDF 54KB RTF DocumentRTF 178KB
1.4 New Policy Overview PDF document PDF 54KB RTF DocumentRTF 164KB
1.5 2011-12 Budget Savings PDF document PDF 91KB RTF DocumentRTF 235KB
1.6 Expenditure Review and Evaluation Committee PDF document PDF 47KB RTF DocumentRTF 158KB

Chapter 2 Budget and Financial Projections

2.1 Budget and Financial Projections PDF document PDF 46KB RTF DocumentRTF 163KB
2.2 Summary of Movements from 2010-11 Budget PDF document PDF 123KB RTF DocumentRTF 290KB
2.3 Summary of Major Risks PDF document PDF 24KB RTF DocumentRTF 143KB

Chapter 3 Revenue and Forward Estimates

3.1 Revenue and Forward Estimates PDF document PDF 431KB RTF DocumentRTF 865KB

Chapter 4 Expenditure

4.1 Expenses and Forward Estimates PDF document PDF 104KB RTF DocumentRTF 207KB
4.2 2011-12 Expenditure Initiatives PDF document PDF 1.1MB RTF DocumentRTF 1.9MB
4.3 Savings Initiatives PDF document PDF 110KB RTF DocumentRTF 306KB

Chapter 5 Infrastructure

5.1 2011-12 Infrastructure Investment Program PDF document PDF 122KB RTF DocumentRTF 282KB
5.2 Nation Building and Jobs Plan PDF document PDF 58KB RTF DocumentRTF 172KB
5.3 Supporting Land Supply and Land Release PDF document PDF 92KB RTF DocumentRTF 246KB
5.4 The Territory's Infrastructure PDF document PDF 80KB RTF DocumentRTF 598KB
5.5 2011-12 Capital Initiatives PDF document PDF 1.7MB RTF DocumentRTF 2.9MB
5.6 2011-12 Capital Works Program PDF document PDF 779KB RTF DocumentRTF 1.5MB

Chapter 6 Assets and Liabilities

6.1 Investments PDF document PDF 148KB RTF DocumentRTF 366KB
6.2 Government Borrowings and Gross Debt PDF document PDF 123KB RTF DocumentRTF 459KB
6.3 Superannuation PDF document PDF 102KB RTF DocumentRTF 592KB

Chapter 7 Economic Overview

7.1 Economic Conditions PDF document PDF 114KB RTF DocumentRTF 1.2MB
7.2 Federal Finance Relations PDF document PDF 473KB RTF DocumentRTF 2.1MB

Chapter 8 A Sustainable Territory

8.1 A Sustainable Territory PDF document PDF 114KB RTF DocumentRTF 209KB


A. Budget Consultation (Submission Acknowledgement) PDF document PDF 38KB RTF DocumentRTF 73KB
B. Statement of Sensitivity of Budget Estimates PDF document PDF 99KB RTF DocumentRTF 281KB
C. Statement of Risk PDF document PDF 68KB RTF DocumentRTF 123KB
D. Classification of ACT Entities PDF document PDF 110KB RTF DocumentRTF 545KB
E. Appropriation Bill 2011-12 PDF document PDF 166KB RTF DocumentRTF 394 KB
F. 2011-12 GFS/GAAP Harmonised Financial Statements PDF document PDF 1.7MB RTF DocumentRTF 3.1MB
G. Glossary and Abbreviations PDF document PDF 245KB RTF DocumentRTF 383KB