The ACT Government will continue to support veterans and their families through the Veterans Advisory Council and other initiatives to make a successful transition to civilian life by prioritising their health, wellbeing and employment opportunities.

Veterans grants program

This dedicated grants program supports veterans and their families’ wellbeing and social inclusion, promoting veterans as valued members of the ACT community and enabling them to participate in community activities.

This program has seen the Government provide funding for projects such as veterans’ family days, blacksmithing programs, training packages, sporting programs and the arts.

Veterans employment strategy

In June 2018, the Minister for Seniors and Veterans appointed six Veterans’ Executive Champions to support the inclusion of veterans in the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) and to encourage and assist ACTPS employees to develop and implement inclusive practices for veterans. Representatives from the ACTPS attend ACT-based Australian Defence Force transition seminars to provide background about the ACTPS, information on conditions of employment and promote employment possibilities.

The ACTPS has developed resources and initiatives to support veterans gaining employment in the service.

The ACT Government has conducted a survey of veterans currently working in the ACT Public Service with a view to creating best practice in the recruitment and retention of former ADF personnel, and allowing us to help better target future employment opportunities to some of the most highly-trained and skilled professionals in the country.

The ACT Government has also piloted a Veterans Connect Expo, where employers put up actual job vacancies. Veterans’ skills and experience were mapped against those vacancies, and a structured program of interview occurred matching veterans to employers.

Other initiatives with ongoing support include: