Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer+

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer+ Canberrans

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ+) Canberrans have a right to equality, fairness and full inclusion. We are committed to removing discrimination from ACT laws, services and society, promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity. This includes delivering initiatives to support and strengthen LGBTIQ+ people, their families and communities.

Canberra prides itself on being Australia’s most LGBTIQ+ welcoming and inclusive city.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of LGBTIQ+ activism and reform in Canberra. This Budget celebrates how far we’ve come but, more importantly, highlights how we will continue to advance LGBTIQ+ equality and support our diverse community.

Capital of Equality

We are implementing Capital of Equality, a ground-breaking new strategy to make Canberra an even more inclusive place to live, with:

Canberra Inclusive Partnership

The ACT Government is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all LGBTIQ+ people across their lifespan, with a focus on trans, gender diverse and intersex people.

Through this year’s Budget, ACT Health will undertake a scoping study on how our health services can support better health and wellbeing for LGBTIQ+ people through tailored and appropriate service delivery.

We are investing in the Canberra Inclusive Partnership, a new initiative that will contribute to a community where LGBTIQ+ people are healthier, more resilient, and have a stronger community identity, improved social capital and increased connection.

This includes 1,000 hours of peer-led psychosocial support services to LGBTIQ+ people and their families and 100 hours of training and tailored support to build the capacity of mainstream service providers to deliver inclusive and appropriate services to LGBTIQ+ people, their families, and communities. The initiative will also establish a specialist LGBTIQ+ Service Network to improve communication and collaboration between services and organisations working with LGBTIQ+ people, families, and communities.

A vibrant, resourced LGBTIQ+ community

We want LGBTIQ+ people to be visible, valued and respected in our community.

Through this Budget, we’re highlighting our nation-leading LGBTIQ+ history and celebrating LGBTIQ+ contributions to our inclusive, thriving city through events such as SpringOUT, the Out and Loud Festival and the Homosexual Histories Conference.

We are investing in initiatives which develop complex and adaptive thinking capacities in LGBTIQ+ leaders and support a vibrant, resourced LGBTIQ+ community to advocate for its needs and priorities.

Other initiatives with ongoing support include:

Safe and secure housing for young LGBTIQ+ Canberrans

A young Canberran, Ash*, was asked to leave their family home after ongoing conflict with a parent about their sexual orientation. This left them couch surfing with friends for six months.

Through the ACT Government-funded OneLink hub, Ash was referred to Barnardos Friendly Landlord Service. The service matched Ash to a shared unit with another young person and assisted them to physically move their possessions into the property, as well as sourcing other essentials for living away from home, from sheets and towels to knives and forks.

With safe, affordable accommodation now secured, the Friendly Landlord Service worked with Ash towards their self-identified goals, which included increasing their part-time work to a full-time load, and saving enough money to afford to enter the private rental market. They worked together on Ash’s resume and provided funding for Ash to attend a number of short culinary courses related to their desired career path.

About six months after entering the program, Ash was successful in securing a culinary traineeship and moved into private rental accommodation soon after gaining full-time employment. The Friendly Landlord Service provided a rental reference and a rental ledger to the private real estate agent and Ash, now living independently, is on track to achieve their life goals.

*Not their real name.