Strengthening police and emergency services

Strengthening police and emergency services

Canberra is a safe and friendly city and our police and emergency services play an important role in making sure it stays that way. As Canberra grows, we are investing in more first responders and better equipment to help them do their jobs safely. We are also delivering new models of policing and emergency response that can help these frontline officers become more proactive in identifying and dealing with threats – making our community safer by doing things smarter.

Boosting police and delivering a new approach to community policing

The Government will begin transitioning towards a new Police Services Model for the ACT community with the progressive recruitment of over 60 new ACT Policing personnel.

The new model will see ACT Policing deliver a more visible, connected and efficient police service. This new investment will support ACT Policing to deliver a system-wide approach to crime prevention, disruption and response activities, supporting our efforts to reduce recidivism by 25 per cent by 2025.

Recruiting more firefighters for ACT Fire & Rescue

The 2019 Budget will deliver the investment ACT Fire & Rescue needs to undertake two recruit colleges hiring 36 more firefighters.

This recruitment will help keep emergency response times on target as Canberra grows, and continue building workforce diversity in line with the Women in Emergency Services strategy.

Planning new stations for ACT Ambulance Service and ACT Fire & Rescue

We will start planning for new Fire and Ambulance stations in the City and the Molonglo Valley.

Establishing these new stations in growing population areas will help maintain and improve emergency response times across the Territory.

Delivering better firefighting equipment

We will deliver a new aerial fire-fighting appliance to replace the existing vehicle well ahead of its scheduled retirement.

The new appliance will be on the road more reliably, be able to navigate urban areas more effectively, and provide a better response at multi-storey building fires. We will also deliver an additional pumper for responding to other fires and emergencies, boosting ACT Fire and Rescue’s existing fleet.


Media Release: Strengthening Canberra’s police and emergency services