Leading the transition to a zero emissions future

Leading the transition to a zero emissions future

The ACT is Australia’s leader on tackling climate change and transitioning to a zero emissions future. We are on track to be powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity within the next 12 months and we have set the ambitious target of achieving zero net emissions by 2045.

While the federal Coalition Government has spent six years studiously avoiding action on climate change, we’ve spent that time getting on with the job of transitioning Canberra to a cleaner future.

Canberrans are looking for leadership when it comes to mitigating the impacts of climate change, adapting our economy and ensuring workers and households aren’t left behind in this transition. The ACT Government will keep delivering this leadership – locally and in the national policy debate.

Setting ambitious emissions reduction targets

To help drive progress towards our target of zero net emissions by 2045, we have mapped out interim targets in five-year increments.

In 2020 we are on track to achieve a 40 per cent reduction in emissions below 1990 levels – a great first step. But we will keep pushing ahead from there by pursuing a new target to cut emissions by 50 to 60 per cent by 2025. Our targets are ambitious, and we know they will require a lot of effort by government, business and the community alike to achieve. But just as we’ve seen with our 100 per cent renewable electricity target, ambitious environmental goals drive change by pushing us all to find new solutions.

Leading the next phase of action – ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-2025 and the Living Infrastructure Plan

Through investments in the 2019 Budget we will continue to develop policies and programs that support the achievement of our renewable electricity and emissions reductions targets, and increase Canberra’s resilience to the impacts of climate change.

In the coming months we will release new Climate Change and Living Infrastructure plans, mapping out the next phase of action to 2025.

Our first tranche of investment through these plans particularly focuses on transport, reducing natural gas use, and mitigating the heat island effect by increasing tree canopy and other living infrastructure.

The decisions we make now about Canberra’s development, energy supply and how people move around the city will make a big difference to our sustainability in the decades to come. So we understand the need to start working with the community today to drive change.


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