ACT Government progress update

ACT Government progress update

The ACT Government is working to make the Canberra we all love even better. We are renewing Canberra’s schools and delivering better local healthcare facilities. We’ve got light rail running and expanded our bus network. We are boosting services for our suburbs and strengthening investment in the social and cultural fabric of our city.

We have a clear vision for Canberra as inclusive, progressive and connected, and we are hard at work to make that vision a reality.

Through the Parliamentary Agreement for the 9th ACT Assembly we also committed to act on some significant social and environmental reforms to keep making Canberra more inclusive and ensure our city remains a leader in the transition to a zero emissions future. Our shared efforts to deliver on these commitments have seen our community take some great strides forward in the past few years.

This progress report highlights what the ACT Government has already delivered for Canberrans and provides updates on the significant projects that are underway. We are on track to complete or significantly progress all of the Government’s priority projects by the end of 2019 – ensuring Canberra keeps getting even better.


Media Release: The 2019-20 Budget is building for Canberra's future

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