Conserving our environment and planning for Canberra’s future

The ACT is leading the nation in action on climate change and transitioning to a zero emissions future for our growing population.

We are taking action to become Australia’s most sustainable city and are close to reaching 40 per cent emissions reduction by 2020 through achieving our 100 per cent renewable electricity target. We’re also creating new jobs for Canberrans by encouraging the growth of new green industries.

Taking action on climate change

We will progress the ACT’s response to climate change and advance our ambitious 2025 emissions reductions targets by finalising and delivering a new Climate Change Strategy and Living Infrastructure Plan.

The plans will help the ACT address the growing challenges of a changing climate by focussing on sustainable transport, reducing natural gas use and addressing the urban heat island effect.

We will continue to prioritise local action on climate change. These actions not only help our environment, they also make Canberra a more liveable city. Local initiatives are more urgent than ever due to the re-elected Federal Government’s inaction on climate change.

As we move to this next phase of our climate change response, we will be working with the whole community on a range of activities and seeking new innovations. We will implement these plans with a strong focus on balancing care for our environment with care for people’s futures and the costs of transition for low income Canberrans.

Protecting the environment while preparing for Canberra’s growth

We understand that Canberra’s natural character and our close connections to the environment are a big part of what makes this city so special. Our investments through the 2019-20 ACT Budget will help to protect and boost Canberra’s forests, grasslands and green spaces.

We will re-establish the Ingledene Forest to provide a new recreational area in the ACT’s south. Re-planting the Ingledene Forest with softwood trees will provide for recreational uses while also creating a demonstration of the potential for carbon sequestration in recreational areas. Ingledene Forest was destroyed by bushfire in 2003 and this replanting will help restore an important part of Canberra’s landscape.

As Gungahlin and Lawson grow, we’re also helping protect native species by preserving habitats in the Gooromon Grasslands and Kenny nature reserves.

We will also create a new special purpose reserve for the conservation of native plants and wildlife in the Molonglo River area by remediating the former Molonglo Sewerage Treatment Plant. This will include establishing new recreational facilities for the community, including trails and landscape features.

The ACT is a leader in environmental innovation and the transition to a low carbon economy. This Budget continues to invest in our environmental future so we can keep making progress towards our goal of zero emissions by 2045 while protecting and enhancing the special natural character of our city.

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