More support for Canberra families and inclusion

More support for Canberra families and inclusion

The ACT Government believes that when our city and our economy grows, all Canberrans must share in the benefits.

That is why the 2018 Budget expands our investment in services and support for Canberrans who need it most, delivering more resources for community providers who work with women, children, people with a disability and those experiencing homelessness.

Supporting the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The ACT was the first jurisdiction in Australia to sign up to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The Government is committed to ensuring the Scheme delivers better support for Canberrans living with disability.

Over the next four years, the ACT Government will contribute more than $650 million for services and supports through the NDIS. At the same time, we will deliver new investment in programs and services for people with disability, including:

Tackling family violence

The ACT Government is continuing to deliver the Safer Families package as the most significant investment in addressing family violence across our community in Canberra’s history. This initiative is delivering more services in new ways, bringing family violence out of the shadows and ensuring those that need help get the support they need. The 2018 Budget will strengthen our investment through:

Better protection for our children and young people

We are continuing to build on our investments in keeping Canberra’s children and young people safe with new initiatives including:

A more inclusive Canberra

This Budget will help make Canberra even more inclusive by doing more for community self-help groups, our veterans and seniors, women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Canberrans. This includes:

This year, we will also establish the Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund to provide additional support for Canberrans most in need, and leverage individual and private sector philanthropy.

Our new investments in targeted services and supports through the 2018 Budget will ensure help is on hand for Canberrans when they need it most.

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