More services for our suburbs

More services for our suburbs

The ACT Government is delivering tidier suburbs with more trees, upgraded playgrounds and better public spaces through the 2018 Budget. We are improving local ovals and stepping up city services to look after our growing communities.

At the same time, we are investing in the renewal of our town centres with better walking and cycling links and community-led activations to create livelier public spaces.

Canberra is Australia’s most active community, with a larger share of Canberrans commuting by walking or cycling than anywhere else in the country. The ACT Government committed to invest an additional $30 million in active travel infrastructure over the life of this Parliamentary term, and this year’s Budget fully delivers on that promise.

More services for our suburbs

This Budget will deliver more services in our established suburbs and new communities so Canberrans can continue to be proud of our city. This includes:

A more vibrant city

We are investing in a vibrant CBD for Canberra, with more infrastructure and events to boost activity in the heart of our city. This includes:

More connected town centres

We are delivering better connections to open up Canberra’s town centres, while meeting our commitment to invest in more active travel infrastructure. This includes:

These new works will see the ACT Government’s investment in urban renewal and active travel continue to grow as we deliver a better CBD and town centres across Canberra.

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