More and better local schools for our kids

More and better local schools for our kids

The 2018 Budget will deliver new and expanded schools for Canberra’s growing suburbs, as well as recruiting more teachers and enhancing learning opportunities to continue strengthening our city’s world class education system.

Over 46,500 Canberra kids currently attend our local public schools and are supported on their learning journey by 3,800 teachers. This Budget invests in delivering priority outcomes from the Future of Education community conversation to improve teaching and learning in every local school and see our kids reach their full potential – no matter their background.

More schools, better schools

The ACT Government is delivering more and better schools to ensure all Canberra students have access to a great public education. The 2018 Budget will deliver:

A world class education for Canberra’s students

The ACT boasts one of the best public education systems in Australia. The 2018 Budget will invest in our teachers and provide more support for students with complex needs to ensure our local schools keep getting even better. This will include:

Canberra’s local schools will keep getting better as we grow through these investments in the 2018 Budget.

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