Budget papers

The 2018-19 Budget is presented in three papers and a series of agency Budget Statements.


Budget Paper 1: Budget Speech

The Treasurer’s speech to the Legislative Assembly highlights the Government’s Budget strategies and key features of the Budget.

Budget Paper 1: Budget Speech (html)

Budget Paper 1: Budget Speech (pdf 747 KB)

Cover artwork for BP2

Budget Paper 3: Budget Outlook

Budget Paper 3 summarises the 2018-19 Budget and forward estimates for the general government sector, the public trading enterprise sector and the total Territory Government.

Details of the projected 2018-19 Budget results are provided, as well as background information on the development of the 2018-19 Budget, including economic conditions and federal financial relations. It also provides an overview of the Territory’s infrastructure investment program and details of the 2018-19 expense, infrastructure and capital, and revenue initiatives. Full accrual financial statements and notes are provided for all sectors.

Budget Paper 3: Budget Outlook (html)

Budget Paper 3: Budget Outlook (pdf 5.26 MB)

Capital Works Program Data

Budget Review Capital Works Program Data

Online documents

Supplementary Materials

Socio Economic Analysis on Taxation and Concessions Policy (pdf 321.5 KB)

Socio Economic Analysis on Taxation and Concessions Policy (xlsx 80.3 KB)

Readers Guide to the 2018-19 Budget (pdf 363 KB)

Readers Guide to the 2018-19 Budget (word 492 KB)

A Sustainable Territory (pdf 240 KB)

A Sustainable Territory (word 195KB)

Other Materials

Classification of ACT Entities (pdf 99 KB)

Classification of ACT Entities (word 142 KB)

Glossary (pdf  204 KB)

Glossary (word 153 KB)

Summary and Terms of Debt Capital Injection (pdf 128 KB)

Summary and Terms of Debt Capital Injection (word 117 KB)

Summary of Outputs (pdf 118 KB)

Summary of Outputs (word 146 KB)

Summary of Transfers (pdf 112 KB)

Summary of Transfers (word 150 KB)

Budget Statements

The Budget Statements contain information on each directorate and agency, including descriptions of functions and roles and responsibilities, together with major strategic priorities.


Budget Statements A

  • ACT Executive
  • Auditor-General
  • Electoral Commissioner
  • Office of the Legislative Assembly

Budget Statements A (pdf 7.6 MB)

Budget Statements A (word 135 KB)

Budget Statements B cover artwork

Budget Statements B

  • Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (CMTEDD)

Budget Statements B (pdf 9.9 MB)

Budget Statements B (word 1.95 MB)

Budget Statements C cover artwork

Budget Statements C

  • Health Directorate
  • ACT Local Hospital Network

Budget Statements C (pdf 7.64 MB)

Budget Statements C (word 151 KB)


Budget Statements D

  • Justice and Community Safety Directorate
  • Legal Aid Commission (ACT)
  • Public Trustee and Guardian

Budget Statements D (pdf 8.5 MB)

Budget Statements D (word 234 MB)


Budget Statements E

  • Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

Budget Statements E (pdf 8.02 MB)

Budget Statements E (word 449 KB)


Budget Statements G

  • Community Services Directorate
  • Housing ACT

Budget Statements G (pdf 8.27 MB)

Budget Statements G (word 147 KB)

Budget Statements H cover artwork

Budget Statements H

  • Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate
  • ACT Public Cemeteries Authority
  • Appendix A: Discontinued Agency Capital Metro Agency

Budget Statements H (pdf 8.0 MB)

Budget Statements H (word 932 KB)

Related statements


Social Inclusion Statement

The ACT Government is committed to building an inclusive and welcoming city for all Canberrans. The 2018-19 Budget delivers a range of initiatives to advance this goal, including more and better mental health services, support for multicultural communities and stronger homelessness services.

Social Inclusion Statement (html)

Social Inclusion Statement (pdf 1.1 MB)


Indicative Land Release Program

The ACT Government’s Indicative Land Release Program aims to make sure enough land is released to the market to cater for Canberra’s growth and change.

Indicative Land Release Program (html)

Indicative Land Release Program (pdf 1.25 MB)

The Budget in your region



The 2018 Budget invests in the things that matter most to Canberrans.

The 2018 Budget is growing services for our growing city.