The ACT Government is progressing gender equality to improve the lives of all women and girls in the ACT. We are collaborating with community organisations and local businesses to support women and girls, address unconscious bias, and create opportunities for the full and equal participation of women.

The ACT Government is leading by example in empowering women across our own workforce.

64.9 per cent of ACT Public Service staff are women, including 44.7 per cent in senior executive positions, and 48 per cent on government-appointed boards.

Promoting gender equality

The ACT Women’s Plan 2016-26 sets out the key directions and priorities for improving outcomes for Canberra’s women and girls including in health, housing and homelessness, safety, economic security and leadership.

We are now mid-way through the first three-year action plan delivering practical outcomes in areas such as empowerment, gender equality and health.

The ACT Government supports professional women’s teams to back our female athletes & provide girls & women with positive role models for active living & gender equality.

Supporting women to return to work

This year the ACT Government is helping women to return to the workforce through individual grants totalling $160,000.

The grants focus on supporting women on low incomes, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, culturally and linguistically diverse women, young mothers or mothers with disability. Recipients can access financial assistance of up to $1,000 to support their return to employment.

Addressing family violence

The ACT Government is ensuring we provide an effective and streamlined response to family and domestic violence.

We are rolling out training for all frontline workers so they can recognise and respond to family and domestic violence.

Women: In this budget: 36 more places for women seeking safe accomodation, more counsellors for women experiencing violence and more resources to deliver the ACT Women's Plan 2016-26


Women factsheet (pdf 318 KB)