The ACT Government values the ongoing contribution older Canberrans make to our community. We want to make sure that all Canberrans continue to enjoy a good quality of life as they age, stay connected to our community and are supported by appropriate community services.

The ACT Government established the Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing to provide strategic advice on issues affecting older Canberrans.

The Council provides advice to inform positive ageing policies, and works to advance the status and interests of older people in line with the Government’s Active Ageing Framework 2015-2018.

We also fund COTA ACT to run the annual ACT Seniors Week to celebrate the contribution older Canberrans make to our community.

Age friendly suburbs

The ACT Government’s Age Friendly Suburbs initiative delivers pedestrian upgrades that create more accessible suburbs, allowing people to stay healthy, active and engaged with the community.

This year we will deliver upgrades in Page and Hughes.

Helping older canberrans with the cost of living: Increasing utilities concessions by $50 from 1 July 2018 taking the total payment to $654 a year.

The ACT Government has provided over 1.9 million free off-peak bus trips to eligible Canberra pensioners. This year’s Budget extends free off-peak travel for a further 12 months.

Seniors Grants Program

The ACT Government supports older Canberrans to maintain their wellbeing and social connectedness.

In the past year we have provided grants to National Seniors Australia to increase older Canberrans’ digital literacy, the Bangladeshi Seniors Club Canberra to support social inclusion, and the Legal Aid Commission (ACT) in partnership with Care Inc to guide and educate older Canberrans on important financial decisions.

Seniors Cards

The ACT Government has partnered with the Council on the Ageing (ACT) to issue 86,399 Seniors Cards to eligible seniors.

The Senior Card Program recognises the valuable contribution of older Canberrans by providing access to special benefits at a wide range of participating businesses and services.

In this budget: Seniors Rights Service to support older Canberrans experiencing or at risk of elder abuse, boosting the Older Persons Mental Health Intensive treatment Service, expanding the general Rates Aged Deferral Scheme to help secniors with theor cost of living


Seniors factsheet (pdf 390 KB)